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About Artist

Scott Peradotto is an American Artist from the North Beach district of San Francisco, known as the "North Beach Artist"
Peradotto has an inimitable use of acrylic PaintSkin cut-outs to make abstract design paintings

Peradotto Art gives out completely different vibes with:
— a hint of Matisse in his use of cut-outs
— a touch of Abstract Expressionism reminding us of Pollock's paintings
— camouflaged objects to discover within art pieces


What are acrylic PaintSkins?

"A PaintSkin is made using fluid acrylic paint, left to dry on a release liner.  The dried "skins" are then removed from the liner.  These PaintSkins can then be used as collage items in larger "PaintSkin" Paintings." 


As an artist Scott Peradotto is known for his mastery in acrylic PaintSkin Art. 

​During the last few decades Scott has meticulously experimented with the mixtures of acrylic paints, inks and mediums for the process of creating acrylic PaintSkins to use them to create Abstract Fine Art PaintSkin Paintings. 


Over time Peradotto has refined and mastered his PaintSkin "painting" process now known as the "Peradotto Methods". 


Peradotto has produced a series of paintings "a body of work" using the Peradotto Methods, forming cut-outs, color shapes and then using them as a foundation for his magnificent expressive abstract art paintings.  Many of his art pieces are double-sided where both sides present an entirely different art piece or perspective.

​Each time Peradotto creates a new piece, it originates from his subconscious and when inspiration hits, it hits hard.  The "inspiration to create" starts the process artistically, emotionally and practically.  Let the “Peradotto Methods” begin! 


Peradotto works and re-works his pieces, as ideas arise and objects emerge.  A piece might get started as one idea but the ideas and the art pieces always evolve during the creation process of shaping acrylic PaintSkins into Fine Art PaintSkin Paintings.  As his process gets more advanced, it adds to his artistic freedom — to push beyond boundaries.  


Finally, art pieces are mounted on one of various substrates like metal wire, clear and rigid acrylic panels, glass, canvas, wood, fiberboards, slate, cardboard and even on stone or a rock.  

Peradotto's art is Contemporary, Abstract, Fine.  Many of his pieces have visually identifiable objects, camouflaged within the painting, thus "hidden in plain view" to be discovered by viewers.  Distinctive Peradotto vibes.

Scott emerged early on as an acrylic specialist known for being a creative and reliable professional in the design, fabrication and display of commercial acrylic signage.   Acrylic is part of Scott's creative knowledge, identity, energy and essence.

Let's also take note of the fact that Scott is a known adult fast-pitch Softball Player in the San Francisco Bay Area!  Over the years Scott has extended his passion for baseball and softball by being a coach, for high-school teams in San Francisco.  Scott is a San Francisco native and a serious Giants fan.

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